Our Story

The Backyard Farmer story starts with a tiny seed: a decision to change our relationship with the land that feeds us.

Change starts with the choices we make every day. We can start at our own homes, by growing food and teaching others. But the need extends beyond our homes. We can continue to grow by making choices that strengthen our regional economy and preserve our natural resources. Each of us is an author in the story unfolding day by day, and each of us has the choice to create a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable future.

We started Backyard Farmer as a way for anyone and everyone to have an accessible resource for making better choices. We wanted a way to connect eco-conscious contractors with like-minded clients. We align ourselves with the global movement toward sustainability and what it requires each individual to strive for in daily life.

What defines our future more than our ability to determine where it goes? This question is the guiding principal shaping our business over the past 5 years, as we have grown and responded to the changing needs of our community. We have evolved into a dynamic, one-stop shop for home and property improvement, as well as a resource for quality educational opportunities and unique team-building and employee health and wellness services. We continue to work with the community and our clients to contribute toward a vision of valuing and benefiting from our natural resources.

Together, we can reduce our impact on the environment and on future generations’ access to natural resources. Together, we can write a better story.