Growing Soil

If you didnt start a garden this year and really can’t wait, we have an idea for you.  It’s called sheet mulching.  And it will take all winter.

Using an array of “trash” materials, you can build your soil without having to dig at all.  Sheet mulching is the layering of cardboard, straw, leaves, manure, coffee grinds, soil, peanut shells, egg shells, newspaper, gutter muck, food scraps and more!  Its basically composting right where you want your garden to be!  Better than having to pick it up from the mulch lot or in 40 lb bags from the nursery.

If you want to start a new garden, or rehabilitate an existing one, consider sheet mulching now with materials that are easily procured from your home, garden or nearby businesses.  Check out this article on sheet mulching, or contact us for a demonstration at your home!  We bring all the materials and set you up with the first bed and let you build the rest!

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