Turn Leaves Into Compost

This fall, kill two birds with one stone by having Backyard Farmer come winterize your property and build you a simple compost system that will provide you with home-made plant food for the spring.  We do leaf raking and pick up, shrubbing and hedging, edging, gutter cleaning, pond winterizing and more!  Better yet, we take all of those ingredients and we help you start a compost system using simple structures strategically placed in your garden for easy access.

If you want to start a vegetable or fruit garden, but know what to do first, COMPOST!  Compost is a natural way to feed your vegetable and flower gardens, as well as shrubs and trees.  It is made of all natural ingredients, like food scraps, leaves, grass clippings, straw, peanut shells, coffee grinds and algae!

For more information or to schedule a home clean up, call us today at 757-350-1356 or email byfarmer@gmail.com.  Tell your friends, family and neighbors and receive a $25 referral!


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