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Backyard Farmer is a new business serving the Greater Richmond Area. We build sustainable, organic gardens for homes, businesses, community organizations and schools to provide access to fresh, local produce. We research sustainable agricultural technology and practices to better preserve the tradition and knowledge of growing food. We start seeds on a regular basis and search for bugs at night with flashlights attached to our heads. Most importantly, we believe in creating a more sustainable local food system, in which fresh, nutritious vegetables are both valued and available in our communities.

Across the country and throughout the world, communities are taking it upon themselves to secure a safe, reliable, sustainable, food source for their families and neighbors. We are proud to be part of a growing global movement whose core values lie in the backyard gardens of communities around the world. The simple effort of using available land to grow food is a huge step towards achieving sustainability.

We have been helping people throughout the Greater Richmond area build gardens, and in just 7 months, we have brought food and knowledge into dozens of homes. While introducing people to the fundamental joys of growing and eating home grown food, we research and rediscover sustainable agricultural techniques and technologies that have been lost to the era of commercialized agriculture. As we continue to grow, we encourage others to take an active role in their communities and in their own lives to engage with their food sources.

The Backyard Farmer Blog will be a way for others to follow our gardening adventures and for us to share the information that we acquire along the way. We have built gardens in myriad locations, each with unique conditions. Perhaps, we have had the same problem that you are dealing with. We gain insight from our successes and setbacks, as do our customers. It is important to share these stories of a developing local food movement in Virginia so others can benefit as well.

The Backyard Farmer blog will serve as a platform for us to discuss important news and exciting examples of sustainable agriculture locally and as a worldwide movement. Interspersed with our tips and garden stories you will find a variety of news and information on urban agriculture, small scale farming, sustainable practices, organic growing, agricultural policy, and cutting edge techniques and technology. Stay on top of your garden and sustainable agriculture globally with Backyard Farmer. Thanks for visiting our blog.


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